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Songbird is said to potentially become the best browser for music players, Songbird is a really powerful application.

Songbird is being designed to make music management a more pleasant experience, not only will you be able to play any audio file with no problem, but you will also find some fantastic music discovery features.

Songbird offers you lots and lots of options, but it is easy to use. You can decide if you will use all that advanced stuff or you will use it as a simple music player. If you are used to use iTunes you can import your music library with just one click.

Sync your iPod, manage all your music files, discover new songs and bands using Songbird's capabilities, access music blogs,...

Songbird is based on Firefox technology, so you can add any number of extensions to further the functionality of this powerful music player.

Don't hesitate, change your player, change your browser, power up your passion.
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